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Sam M. (San jose, ca)


We were put in touch with Urbane by the company that manufactures the one specific artificial turf our HOA has pre-approved because we were hoping to get the installation done quickly, and HOA approval is usually the biggest holdup.  I first spoke to Mark on Thursday 3/21 and explained that if at all possible, we'd like to have the job completed by 4/10 before houseguests arrived, otherwise we would schedule for sometime after 4/22, when the guests left.  That was the beginning of what was easily the smoothest and most perfectly-executed home improvement project anyone could ever hope for.

The site inspection was done on the morning of Tuesday 3/27.  Mark answered all of my questions, made suggestions and explained clearly why he recommended the things he did, and I had the bid in my hand the same day.  The pricing was extremely reasonable, and the work was scheduled to be done the following week, Friday & Saturday 4/6-4/7.  Unfortunately, the weather forecast had other plans because, in a 10 day span of otherwise clear sunny weather, those two days were predicted to be rainy.  I emailed on Monday to find out what the next available installation date would be.  Urbane had also been monitoring the forecast and I got a call from Sarah to ask if doing the work on Wednesday & Thursday would be possible, before they even saw my email.

The installers showed up on Wednesday morning, exactly when they said they would.  Virgil called that morning to let me know the base rock delivery that was supposed to happen between 10-noon would instead happen around 8:30, which it did.  The installers, Gabriel and another gentleman whose name I didn't get (that I feel terrible about not getting, so if you're reading this I'm so sorry), were fantastic.  They answered the few remaining questions I hadn't previously covered with Mark, made sure they understood all the small details about the installation that were specific to our yard, and were very nice to and patient with my high-strung rescue dogs who do not take kindly to strangers being in their yard.  The installation was beautifully done, I know intellectually that there are seams in that turf somewhere but I doubt I'll ever be able to spot them, and they cleaned up the entire yard thoroughly at the end of the project, even taking a moment to put the patio chairs back around the table after I'd moved them to the side to keep them out of the way while they were working.

Of all the wonderful things about this transaction, what stands out for me the most is the communication.  I knew every step of the way what was happening.  I knew what was going to happen next, and when it would happen, and if anything changed, I was told well beforehand.  I've worked with a lot of contractors, both as a homeowner and previously when I worked in real estate, and I know things happen/change/go wrong, but the mistake too many companies make is not keeping the client informed.  Urbane does not make that mistake.  They back up their quality product and technical skill with outstanding customer service and communication. I highly recommend you call them first if you are considering artificial turf, because it will probably be the only call you have to make.

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The play yard is wonderul! The teachers said that just being able to look out and see green makes for a much happier classroom!
— Janet W. (San Rafael, CA)
Mark and his team over at UAG did a phenomenal job on my yard. They installed over 3K sqft of artificial turf, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. No seams, fast service, quick start, VERY thorough prepping of the ground underneath. I found their bid to be in line with other companies as well. They have a great warranty on both the work and the product. Particularly for a large space, select them.
— - Ryan L. (Redwood City, CA)
Work was done very promptly and professionally. The workman paid attention to details such as capping the existing irrigation system and adapting to the drainage system.
— - Robin Y. (Redwood City, CA)